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MAPC Applauds Gov. Baker for Signing Landmark Climate Bill

To the Editor,

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston released the following statement thanking Gov. Baker for signing the new climate bill into law last week:

We at MAPC are thrilled to see this history-making legislation signed into law today. This is a huge win for environmental justice, and will put our state on a clear path toward zero emissions by 2050.

Most impressive of all are the ways this law will help our most marginalized populations, who have consistently borne the brunt of climate related impacts, from heat to flooding to pollution and beyond.

“Massachusetts will also become a leader in offering a net-zero building energy code thanks to this law, enabling future developments to be constructed in a healthier, more climate-resilient way.

Many thanks go to the countless advocates who advanced this legislation, both the House and Senate leadership who made a revamped climate bill their top priority this session, and to Gov. Baker for signing the bill into law so quickly. We can’t wait to get to work supporting our cities and towns in using this moment to plan for a climate-forward future.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

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