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I support Dan Ryan

To the Editor,

As a lifelong resident and active member of the Chelsea community, I am proud to support my friend, Daniel J. Ryan, as the Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 2nd Suffolk District. I have known Dan for over a decade and strongly believe that we should re-elect him to continue being our representative in the Massachusetts State House. Please vote for Daniel J. Ryan in the upcoming Democratic Primary election on September 1, 2020.

In the past six years that he has served in the state legislature, Dan has consistently been at the forefront of important legislative proposals that have sought to increase equity, improve the environment, assist families in need, and increase educational opportunities for all of our children. I particularly appreciated Dan’s successful efforts at increasing the funding that supports kids in urban districts to get college credits while attending high school.

Dan comes from a proud family tradition of military service, which is especially meaningful to me, as a mother of a US Marine. I admire his profound sense of community service and dedication to justice for all people, regardless of background. He has demonstrated this commitment to justice through his countless efforts in support of civil rights, workers’ rights, and equality at all levels. Dan has also been a leader in efforts to address substance abuse, which are also particularly important to me as a Social Worker that works with families in crisis.

During this exceedingly difficult time in our community, and the world, dealing with Covid-19, I have seen Dan step up to support and help our community. His ability to reach across the “aisle” and work with everyone in the community has been especially refreshing. We need our elected leaders to work collaboratively and genuinely to tackle the issues that affect all of us.

Dan Ryan has been a leader that time and again has shown that he can work with all sides to achieve positive outcomes. And in these unfortunately divisive times in our country and community, we deserve to have leaders that can demonstrate respect and restraint when it comes to solving issues. I am voting for Dan Ryan because he has been an exemplary state representative for our community. I am proud to stand with him and again ask that you vote for Daniel J. Ryan as our representative for the 2ndSuffolk District on September 1.

Carolyn P. Boumila-Vega
Lifelong resident and Chelsea homeowner
Chairperson, Ward 2 Democratic Committee

Damali Vidot is my choice

To the Editor,

This election season is one of the most important in our lifetimes. As voters and engaged residents, we need to know that our elected officials will show up for the community, even when times are tough. In the current race for the State Representative of the Second Suffolk, there’s one clear choice: Damali Vidot for State Representative of Charlestown and Chelsea. 

Damali’s work as an At-Large Chelsea City Councilor has solidified my belief in her to be the voice and advocate of the people. I have been so impressed with her level of commitment to truly understand the needs of her constituents and have witnessed how hard she works to create positive change in our communities. She exemplifies compassionate, bold, and community-driven leadership in all that she does.

During the COVID-19 pandemic that hit Chelsea the hardest in the entire state, Damali mobilized stakeholders to help curve the rate of infection and death. She helped organize collaborative efforts that got the attention of the Governor and brought much-needed emergency resources to Chelsea. Without her, the impact that COVID-19 had on our people would have been far worse. When others turned a blind eye to the pain of communities like Chelsea, Damali was putting in the work to make sure we were seen and heard.

Damali isn’t just an effective leader. She is also one of the most relatable, down-to-earth politicians: she is a woman of color, a mother, a native of the community she serves, a youth advocate, and a tenacious advocate of human rights and social justice. She is unafraid to challenge the status quo, and leads with integrity and a deep commitment and clear vision to see our communities thrive.

We are living in times where we need to ensure that the people we elect into office fully commit to the important roles we elect them into. After COVID-19, we need to know that our elected representatives will work diligently to achieve what is in the best interest of the people of our communities. Damali Vidot is that person.

Over the last four and half years, Damali has consistently shown up for us in her role as community leader and Chelsea City Councilor At-Large. Because of her track record of effective leadership, and her authentic ability to stay connected to the people, I am excited to vote for her and see what she will achieve for us on Beacon Hill. 

I encourage you to join me this Primary election day, September 1, to elect Damali Vidot as Massachusetts State Representative for the Second Suffolk District. We have waited long enough for this type of leadership.

Zaida Ismatul Oliva 

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