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I Support Damali Vidot

To the Editor,

We are living through a crisis, and the people in charge have failed us.

Gov. Charlie Baker has decided that business interests matter more than people’s lives, and the Legislature has only taken half-measures that don’t reflect the gravity of our situation. At the height of the pandemic, Councilor Damali Vidot’s letter that forced Governor Baker to finally send help stands out as the brightest spot in our City’s leadership. She is not willing to wait, and that sense of urgency is why Councilor Damali Vidot must be elected our next State Representative on September 1.

As a Chelsea School Committee member, the reopening of our schools has been front and center for me in the last month, and Damali understands that investing in our youth is investing in our future. She has pledged to fight for full funding to our schools by making sure millionaires, billionaires, and huge corporations pay their fair share. Meanwhile, our state government has left us to fend for ourselves, and they ask that we do more than before with fewer resources. In one of the wealthiest states in the U.S., they say there is insufficient money for expenses related to COVID-19. I disagree and Damali disagrees. We need someone who will put our students first and do whatever it takes to pay for their education. That person is Damali Vidot.

Councilor Damali Vidot will also fight for your right to vote. The COVID-19 election bill that was signed into law was a weak attempt at making our election safer. Our representatives voted against a comprehensive plan to guarantee safe in-person voting. They chose to spend more money sending voters a ballot application instead of just sending the ballots. And they said that if the postal service takes a little longer than usual and your ballot arrives late, your vote won’t count. Our representatives could have done better but they failed us, because their priority is winning re-election and not protecting your right to vote. Throughout her career, Damali has pushed to get people who haven’t voted before to exercise their right, and she will always be on the side that makes it easier for you to vote.

The State House won’t fight for extending the eviction moratorium to make sure you don’t lose your home. Damali will fight for you to have a roof over your head.

The State House won’t invest in fixing the T and making it free for riders. Damali will fight for you to have a safe, reliable, and affordable way to get to work.

The State House won’t protect the environment with the urgency our climate crisis requires. Damali will fight for you to have clean air and water, so you can live a healthy life.

We don’t need a steady hand. We need bold leadership. We need big ideas. Councilor Damali Vidot will fight for you and me, and will improve people’s lives and put public safety first. She has my vote, and so I ask that you join me in voting for Damali Vidot for State Representative on September 1.

Roberto Jiménez-Rivera

Chelsea School

Committee Member

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