Looking at Politics: Candidates in Both State Rep. Races Agree to Online Debate

A virtual debate has been agreed to by all four candidates in the two Chelsea state representative races, with GreenRoots conducting the debate with a host of collaborators on Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. online.

The forum will featured State Rep. Dan Ryan and Candidate (and City Councillor) Damali Vidot for the district representing Charlestown and Chelsea. It will also feature State Rep. Candidate Joe Gravellese and State Rep. Candidate (and Revere city councillor) Jessica Giannino for the district representing Prattville, Revere and part of Saugus.

“While this election season feels very different given the COVID-19 precautions, we feel it is an important opportunity to discuss issues of concern facing Chelsea with the candidates who are running for the two State Representative seats in Chelsea,” said GreenRoots Director Roseann Bongiovanni. “All of the candidates have committed to participate and we have a number of co-sponsors. I believe the forum will be informative and engaging and will touch upon real issues impacting Chelsea residents’ lives.”

Some of the co-sponsors include the Chelsea Record, TND, Chelsea Collaborative and others.

Giannino said she is looking forward to participating in the GreenRoots forum.

“I’m very much looking forward to next week’s GreenRoots forum,” said Giannino. “Representing my community on environmental injustices is one of the reasons I became involved in politics in the first place. From introducing the motion to ban single-use plastic bags in Revere to being a founding member of the Alliance for Health and Environment to being extremely vocal about the lack of accountability from the region’s biggest polluter, Wheelabrator — my constituents know that I am headstrong and will continue to work diligently to improve their overall quality of life.”

Candidate Gravellese said he was thankful he could bring his message directly to the voters of Chelsea.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to participate,” he said. “I’m thankful GreenRoots is working to ensure the public has an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates before they vote on September 1.”

State Rep. Dan Ryan said he looks forward to talking about his environmental record at the Forum next week.

“I look forward to discussing my record  as an Environmental Champion and my accomplishments as a forward thinking legislator,” he said. “I thank GreenRoots for this opportunity to discuss our shared vision for cleaner, healthier future.”

Vidot said she’s ready to connect with voters and do some truth telling.

“I am excited at the opportunity to connect with voters and do some truth telling at the upcoming candidate forum on August 13th,” she said. “We are at a point in the world right now where our future is uncertain. We simply don’t have time to waste…I encourage all those who live within the district to attend virtually and hear my ideas for the Second Suffolk District. I’d like to thank GreenRoots, the Neighborhood Developers, The Chelsea Collaborative and all co-sponsors for working together to provide this important virtual engagement for the residents of our district.”

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