Congressman Joe Kennedy III Meets with Chelsea’s National Honor Society Students

Last week, Chelsea High School National Honors Society students hosted a special guest, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, in their last virtual meeting of the summer.

The group of nearly 30 students chatted with the Congressman about his race for the U.S. Senate, voting in the age of COVID-19, and about policy issues such as police reform and immigration. Kennedy met with the students via zoom while in Washington D.C. voting on key legislation. 

“From being forced to move all classes online to being unable to participate in things like prom and graduation week, our students have been forced to navigate uncharted terrain these last few months,”  said Congressman Joe Kennedy III. “But these students in Chelsea are a perfect example of just how dedicated our young people can be. Even in the midst of this global pandemic, they are focused on doing right by their classmates and by their community. I am so grateful to have been part of their conversation today, and I look forward to seeing the differences they make in our communities in the years to come. In their hands, I am confident the future is bright.”

In addition to their meeting with Congressman Kennedy, this group of students has been very active in the City of Chelsea. From working to increase local voter turnout to organizing events in their community, they have demonstrated their commitment to building a better city for all residents in Chelsea.

Since entering the race for U.S. Senate, Kennedy has been a frequent presence in Chelsea visiting businesses in the Downtown area, meeting with grassroots groups on environmental justice issues, assisting in several food pantries, raising $30,000 for housing and food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, and visiting recovering Covid-19 patients with gift boxes during Mother’s day.  

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