Excellent ‘News’ for Chelsea: BNC Market a Welcome Addition to Broadway

Residents and workers from Broadway down Everett Avenue to up on Admiral’s Hill – the whole city, really – have a beautifully designed, new gourmet neighborhood market that they can call their own.

Nabil Safwan and his wife, Kirsche Safwan, have opened the BNC Market located at 230 Broadway. BNC stands for Boston News Café (Market).

“We have three News Cafes’ in Boston, so we’re carrying the concept and have expanded it to the Market,” said Nabil. “We have the coffee behind the counter for full service. We have sandwiches, all-natural Boar’s Head meats, and beer and wine.”

The Safwans are very well-known in Chelsea, having previously owned and operated the L’il Peach store at 178 Washington Avenue from 1999 to 2017. The store was very popular among residents in the Cary Square neighborhood and long-time Chelseans will remember the spot as the former home to Goldstein’s Market.

Nabil said he is happy to be back in Chelsea and providing a valuable service for its residents. “I found this spot and I think it’s great – the area is changing, so I feel it would be an ideal spot to open a market with beer and wine, and more of an upscale sandwich shop and convenience market,” said Nabil.

Nabil is looking forward to welcoming neighbors, residents, and employees who work on Everett Avenue and in stores on Broadway, to his new market.

“We know they’ll enjoy our Seattle’s Best coffee, all the special drinks – lattes, cappuccinos, iced teas,” said Nabil. “We have groceries, Spanish foods, produce, pre-made sandwiches, grab-and-go salads.”

Nabil worked closely with the architect on the interior makeup of the 3,400 square-feet store that has a blend of terrific, warm colors and designs.

Nabil, who is originally from Lebanon, and Kirsche, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, have been married for 30 years. They have three children, Samir, 22, a graduate of Stanford University, Naimeh, 19, a junior at UMass Amherst, and Munir, 15, a sophomore at Lynnfield High School.

“My husband and I have been working together for our whole lives,” said Kirsche. “We are very familiar with Chelsea. This city is like home to us. So we feel comfortable here. We feel right at home.”

Kirsche added that, “The one thing that people are going to have here is very good customer service. That’s important to us and they will have that on every visit to BNC Market.”

Councillor-at-Large Leo Robinson visited BNC last Thursday and said he was very impressed with the spacious, modern look and design of the store.

“I’ve been friends with Nabil and Kirsche and I know about their businesses in Boston and they run a great operation and I’m here to welcome them back to Chelsea,” said Robinson.

BNC Market will be open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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