City Election Brings Three New Faces to City Council Next Year

There will be three new members of the City Council, as incumbent district councillors Luis Tejada and Joe Perlatonda were defeated, and Todd Taylor won an open seat to replace Robert Bishop in District 1.

Melinda Vega Maldonado prevailed in District 2 over Tejada, 220-124. In District 3, the vote was close, but Naomi Zabot came out on top over Perlatonda,172-154, according to the unofficial results Tuesday night.

District 5 City Councilor Judith Garcia and her supporters are pictured on Election day as they greeted voters at the Williams School polling location. Councillor Garcia was re-elected
by the voters of District 5. Our Offices will be OPENonVeterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11
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In the other contested district race, incumbent Judith Garcia easily outdistanced Jason Bonetti, 161-48 in District 5. Giovanni Recupero, Yamir Rodriguez, and Calvin Brown ran unopposed in districts 6, 7, and 8 respectively.

In the At-Large race, incumbents Damali Vidot, Roy Avellaneda, and Leo Robinson were returned to office, with Vidot topping the ticket.

“At the end of the day, we ran a very clean campaign, and that resonated with people,” said Vidot.

She said her successful bid would not have been possible without the support of the voters, her volunteers, and the community.

The hard work of supporters and voters was a common sentiment among those who were elected.

“I am super excited and humbled,” said Maldonado. As a new councillor, Maldonado said she looks forward to working on issues related to the displacement and dislocation of Chelsea residents.

“”I’m delighted and excited to have won, and I look forward to serving the constituents in my community,” said Zabot. She said the issues surrounding development and traffic are among the biggest issues in the city she has heard about from voters while campaigning.

Garcia said she feels blessed voters have returned her to a third term as District 5 Councillor.

“It means a lot to have the support of the voters and the volunteers who believe in my vision and all I do for the community, especially in District 5,” she said. Garcia said she will continue to look at issues that are interconnected in the city, from the environment and housing to opportunities for Chelsea’s young people.

“I’m thrilled and thankful to Chelsea voters for again giving me their consideration and look forward to continuing to work and address issues in the community and work for Chelsea,” said Avellaneda. 

“You can never take the voters for granted,” he said, adding that he has been in local politics for 20 years, but approaches each election like it is his first year.

Although Brown and Recupero ran unopposed, both were at City Hall after the polls closed waiting for results.

Brown thanked the residents and business community of District 8 and said he will continue to build relationships and listen to the voters as he serves on the council. Recupero said he will continue to serve to the best of his ability, and urged any constituents who have issues in the city to call him.

The School Committee race held few surprises, but one new face took the At-Large seat.

Roberto Jimenez-Rivera, who moved to Chelsea with his wife Sarah from Cambridge earlier this year, bested Shawn O’Regan, 1,437-818.

Jimenez-Rivera said he got to know the city voters quickly.

“I knocked on over 2,000 doors myself,” he said. “I’m proud of the work my volunteers and I did, and look forward to serving and working with the parents, students, and teachers.”

In the district School Committee races, Rosemarie Carlisle, Jeanette Velez, Marisol Santiago, Lucia Henriquez, Henry Wilson, Ana Hernandez, Kelly Chaney Garcia, and Yessenia Alfaro-Alvarez were all either unopposed or easily outdistanced their competition.

Carlisle, who has served on the committee for over 20 years, said she was happy the voters turned out to support her and that she would continue to work to make sure every child in Chelsea gets a good education. Garcia said she will continue to work on issues of importance to the

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