Marijuana Dispensary Continued to Oct. 22, Planning Recommends Spencer Ave.

It was a light load for the Planning Board last week, as the biggest case on the agenda, a marijuana growing and retail facility at 80 Eastern Ave., was continued to the board’s Tuesday, Oct. 22 meeting.

The board did recommend approval for a nine-unit condominium project at 75-79 Spencer Ave. that will come back to the Zoning Board of Appeals at its Thursday, Oct. 10 meeting for final special permit approval.

The three-story building will have two, two-bedroom and one three-bedroom market-rate units per story.

City Planner Lad Dell said the applicant has been working with the City for the better part of a year to present a plan that fits into the neighborhood. He said the current proposal is smaller than what was originally brought before the planning department.

“Initially, the footprint of the building was much larger,” Dell said. That would have created the need for ZBA variances for property line setbacks..

The project does need ZBA relief for parking, with the nine proposed spaces coming up six short of what’s required under Chelsea zoning. That parking relief is consistent with other development in the neighborhood.

The Planning Board unanimously recommended approval of the project.

“This adds more home ownership to the city,” said Planning Board member Todd Taylor.

•In other business, the Planning Board recommended approval for a special permit for increased parking at a residence at 111 Clinton St. Homeowner Manuel Pineda stated he was seeking relief so he can park four cars on his property.

“Adding parking will take cars off the street,” said Taylor.

City Councillor Joe Perlatonda said he supported the proposal, echoing Taylor’s sentiment that it will take several cars off the street in an area where parking is already congested.

•The board also recommended approval for a proposal by Everett resident Richard Zullo to expand a house he owns from three to four rental units. Zullo said there will be no change in the building footprint.

Perlatonda also spoke in favor of Zullo’s proposal.

“He’s not changing the structure, and the building will conform with the area,” the councillor said. 

Both Zullo and Pineda will also be back before the ZBA for final approvals on Oct. 10.

While last week’s meeting was a relative breeze, the Planning Board’s Oct. 22 meeting looks to be a heavier lift. In addition to the Eastern Avenue marijuana facility coming back before the board, Dell pointed to the hefty packets handed out to the board members for the October meeting.

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