Chelsea Police to Begin Liquor Establishment Inspections

Chief Brian A. Kyes announced late last week that the Chelsea Police will be conducting unannounced checks on all licensed establishments that sell or serve liquor.

These inspections will be conducted throughout 2017 and will include a focus on underage drinking. All licensed establishments must abide by City and state regulations as part of doing business in the city. The goal of the inspections is to educate and ensure that these businesses in Chelsea follow the established legal guidelines. Several Chelsea officers have received liquor enforcement training and will be tasked to conduct these inspections and to report any infractions to the Chelsea Licensing Commission who has the authority to impose sanctions.

“Chelsea has very strict liquor control standards and it is the responsibility of the owners and management to ensure that all of their employees are aware of these regulations,” Kyes said. “I am hoping that our inspections find all businesses to be in compliance.”

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