Al Huda Society Holds Open House for City, Religious Leaders

By Seth Daniel

The Al Huda Society on Willow Street invited religious leaders from the community and City Manager Tom Ambrosino to their mosque to watch Jumaa congregational prayers and then participate in an interfaith dialog with members of the mosque.

Rev. Ellen Rohan Ball of the First Congregational Church, City Manager Tom Ambrosino, Rev. Sandra Whitley and Rabbi Lila Kagedan of the Walnut Street Synagogue joined Al Huda CEO Loay Assaf and other members for the open house, which was followed by a late lunch and social time.

The open house was seen as a follow up to the accord signed in April between Al Huda and four other faith leaders from other religions to pledge to work together and unite during a time of uncertainty locally and nationally.

“My hope for this group is we can bring these multiplicity of voices together,” said Rabbi Kagedan.

Rev. Ball told those in the mosque that their common God, the God of Abraham, was calling all to love more.

“Our God is calling us to love more deeply,” she said.

Rev. Sandra Whitley said the unity is a nine-year journey started by she and Father Edgar Duarte of St. Luke’s Church, who could not attend.

She said it is time for everyone to practice mercy, justice and peace.

City Manager Tom Ambrosino said it has been a challenging year for everyone.

“This is a City that is truly welcoming to all,” he said. “This is so meaningful to me…That is the call of you religious faith and it is the call of all of our religious faiths.”

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