Letter to the Editor

What’s been going on?

Dear Editor:

I’d love to know what’s been going on with this new Council.

I’ve been hearing and reading in the paper about District 5 City Councillor Judith Garcia who has been on a crusade going to not just Washington but also other places allegedly representing the City of Chelsea when none of this has been approved by the City Manager or City Council.

Someone should be asking who is funding these trips and why haven’t I seen my City Councillor.

It’s funny how the new councillors seemed to push the old ones out because we weren’t doing enough for the residents of Chelsea and now the residents who were forced into voting for them are upset as they aren’t seeing any new changes.

We want to know where they are. Has anyone even seen their City Councillor on the street or knocking on the door? Oh, they are going to tell you I posted it on Facebook. I did the same, but I always found time to walk around the streets of Chelsea.

There are a lot of good things that have happened in Chelsea, but more needs to be done.

Do I need to jump back in the race to help out my fellow residents who deserve, well, more than they are receiving?

Joe Perlatonda

Clinton Street

(former District 5 city councillor)

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