FBI Unveils Plans for New Regional Computer Forensic Lab

By Seth Daniel

In celebrating the ribbon cutting of the new Chelsea headquarters of the FBI Boston office, local police in Chelsea and beyond have even more reason to celebrate with the news that the FBI plans to open a computer forensics lab in the new building to help local law enforcement solve cyber crimes.

“Later this spring, in this very building on the fifth floor, we’ll be opening a new regional computer forensics lab that will be jointly staffed with our law enforcement partners,” said Special Agent in Charge Hank Shaw. “We’re excited to use this unique position to expand our capabilities to provide training opportunities to be in a better position to support law enforcement partners across our region. As we know, in one fashion or another cyber touches on everyone. There is no difference with what is seen in an investigation by the FBI or our local law enforcement partners…Having this computer forensics lab will serve as a force multiplier for all of us to better exploit and analyze cyber data.”

Shaw gave no details about what kind of equipment would be available, but Chief Brian Kyes said he could only imagine it will be state of the art and will give his department capabilities close by that they do not have now.

“We welcome the opportunity to expand upon our already formidable partnership with the FBI here in Chelsea,” said Kyes, who also led the Pledge of Allegiance at the ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday. “The utilization of the FBI’s computer forensic lab by local police, including the Chelsea Police Department, will no doubt increase the capacity and solvability of our computer crime investigations. We are extremely grateful to have this incredibly valuable federal resource right here in our back yard at our disposal.”

Shaw said he hopes it is a way to further cement relationships in a world where threats are constantly evolving.

“Our team does difficult work in this building on top of work that takes a toll on them physically and emotionally, but I’m confident with our new surroundings coupled with our capacity for growth, will afford opportunities for new perspectives and initiatives to flourish and address the ever-changing and dynamic threat environment we are surrounded with,” he said.


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