Letters to the Editor

Pay the Fair Share

Dear Editor,

We are Chelsea homeowners who are concerned that the owners of the FBI building, Anthony and Patricia Simboli, of ACS Development, are pressuring the city to get a 20 year tax break, a 50 percent tax reduction for the next 15 years and a 40 percent tax discount for the following 5 years.

All of Chelsea’s homeowners and businesses are expected to pay their property taxes, equitably and timely. The Simbolis are no different; they should not be exempt from paying their fair share. If the City of Chelsea is able to offer tax reductions, let it be for the most deserving homeowners on a fixed income, not the Simbolis who have millions of  dollars in Chelsea property.

Let the City of Chelsea benefit from the annual sizable property taxes associated with the FBI Building calculated at $1,739,640. If you are are opposed to tax relief for the FBI building and are willing to speak out with others, call 617-884-5132 or [email protected].

                                             Fran Roznowski

Patricia Hightower

Joel Romero

John Harris



With Heartfelt Thanks from Haiti

Dear Editor:

Father David Fontaine from St. Joseph Parish in L’Asile, Haiti, has sent sincere thanks to Father Jim Barry and all the friends and parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Parish (Chelsea/Everett) and St. Mary of Assumption Parish (Revere) for their recent donations to his communities in Haiti.

Our Lady of Grace and St. Mary of Assumption recently raised $35,000 to help L’Asile recover from Hurricane Matthew.

In October 2016, when Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti – one of the world’s poorest countries still suffering from the 2010 earthquake, it destroyed homes, clinics, churches, crops, and soil. Roads and bridges were washed out; communication was wiped out to many regions of the island for weeks.  People were left without food and potable water. In short, this was a complete disaster to people who had worked hard for the little they actually owned.

With $35,000 from these two parishes, Father David has purchased food for Christmas distribution and for a holiday dinner for 200 people. He is buying seeds for planting gardens that provide much needed food for families. He has distributed metal (tin) roofs for 400 homes and cement for 200 home reconstructions. They are also repairing the church and smaller countryside chapels.

Father David’s church-sponsored school provides a meal each day for the students. This means that students are receiving essential nutrition while at school.

Father David has sent his gratitude to all the friends of Haiti here in Chelsea, Everett, and Revere and neighboring communities.  The fundraising by these parishes has become a ray of life and hope in the midst of all this suffering.

To offer a donation or for information, please call Father Jim Barry at 617-884-0030 or 781-284-5252.

Father Jim Barry


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