Votes Point to Robinson to be Next Council President

By Seth Daniel

The Chelsea City Council is expected to meet on Tuesday, Jan. 3, for an organizational meeting to pick the new officers for the body, including the incoming Council President.

While the choice for president has often been sealed up by December, this time around things were much more fluid. However, after the Council’s annual straw poll meeting last Tuesday, Dec. 20, the votes seemed to be leaning towards Councillor Leo Robinson.

Robinson said this week he did believe he had the votes to become president on Jan. 3.

It appeared that Councillor Damali Vidot would return as the vice president and Councillor Luis Tejada would become the School Committee liaison.

Robinson was the Council President two years ago just before current President Dan Cortell, and it would be his fifth time serving with the gavel.

He appeared to have secured the necessary votes some time ago in the fall. However, a late push by some councillors for Councillor Judith Garcia emerged after Thanksgiving. Those councillors apparently tried to target some of Robinson’s votes in order to turn the tide and bring a young, Latina voice to the office. However, they could never get beyond four votes, reportedly.

The organizational meeting to choose the officers will be held at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

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