Manager Requests Graffiti Team to Target City Hot Spots

By Seth Daniel

City Manager Tom Ambrosino is hoping the Chelsea City Council will approve a $170,000 expenditure to establish a dedicated Public Works Graffiti team to seek out graffiti and remove it promptly.

“I have asked the Council for a dedicated graffiti removal team that would have two employees,” he said. “I was unhappy with how quickly and efficiently we were getting rid of graffiti. The DPW has 100 other priorities. If we had a dedicated truck with a dedicated crew, we might have more luck and some more efficiency in dealing with the problem.”

Ambrosino said he has identified the cost at $170,000.

He proposed it to the Council on Dec. 5, and he expects that a vote on the request will take place at the Dec. 19 meeting, which is the final meeting of the year.

If approved, Ambrosino said he would like to have it in place this summer.

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