Deleo Forms Commission on Daily Sports Fantasy

Anyone who has watched Channel Five’s “On the Record” Sunday morning show knows that Speaker of the House has a tremendous knowledge of Boston sports — as he often has demonstrated on the “Pop Quiz” portion of the show. And as a Winthrop High sports fan, Bob is front and center at games — he has on more than one occasion proudly pointed out to his colleagues the excellence of Winthrop High’s sports tradition (and that we have the most famous Olympic hockey player ever, Mike Eruzione, living in our town).

So when the daily sports fantasy industry exploded this year, Bob had been following its growth closely and wanted to make sure that Massachusetts was entering this new endeavor with the proper regulations in place. The Speaker has announced that he will be forming a commission to study daily fantasy sports and we look forward to seeing the results of that study.

We know the Speaker will determine whom would be best suited to serve on this important commission and that the final study will be thorough and professional and will serve the best interests of the people of the Commonwealth.

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