Police Briefs 12-03-2015


Police responded on Wednesday, November 25, at 10:05 p.m. to the area Addison and Eden Street for a report of shots fired and two individuals running from the area. Officers determined that no injuries had occurred and recovered ballistic evidence from the scene, officers did detain two individuals who fit the description of the males fleeing and are continuing to determine if they were involved.

Neighbors indicated that the ballistics evidence was recovered from inside a home on Orange Street.

Some neighbors reported walking in the area unknowingly as the shots went by.


Two people have been arrested in what is believed to be a prostitution scam via the Internet that is believed to be a front for luring victims into a robbery.

Police on Thursday, November 26, responded to a 10:11 p.m. call for an assault in progress at 40 Orange St. Upon arrival police observed a male victim suffering from serious but non life-threatening injuries to his face. The victim, before being transported to hospital told officers he was robbed by individuals inside the second floor apartment at 40 Orange St. He told officers that those involved were armed with a gun and knife. The victim, a 21-year-old Boston resident stated he was robbed of his money and phone and beaten about the face by one of the attackers who used the firearm to strike him.

Officers quickly surrounded the 40 Orange St. address and entered the second floor apartment and observed blood on the floor, a knife and a disassembled firearm. Inside the apartment police arrested the second floor tenant, Alexandria Vega, 31, charging her with Armed Robbery and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Due the emergency situation and fearing that other occupants in the three-unit apartment may be injured or danger, police entered the third floor apartment and found a male later identified as Brian Mercado, 21, of Revere, hiding in a closet. Mercado was placed into custody and charged with Armed Robbery, Breaking and Entering in the Night Time and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. Police believe that Vega was using a  popular website that is used to provide “escort services” to paying customers. The investigation is looking into if the website may have been a luring tactic to rob the victim.


Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley has concluded his investigation into the sudden death of Dominic Graffeo after Chelsea Police officers used Tasers to subdue him in the rooming house where he had barricaded himself last year.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled the cause of Graffeo’s June 26, 2014, death to be “sudden death in a person with acute cocaine, ethanol, and oxycodone intoxication following an altercation with police involving the use of electronic control devices and physical restraints.”

Conley found that the officers attempted at length to communicate with Graffeo prior to using force, requested that medical personnel come to the scene before officers entered his room, and used department-issued Tasers during the struggle that followed.

“Based on a thorough review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the police response and Mr. Graffeo’s death, I conclude that there is no evidence that would warrant criminal charges against the involved officers, who acted reasonably and lawfully,” he wrote in a final report released to Graffeo’s family along with the complete investigative file today.

The investigation, led by Assistant District Attorney Mark Zanini, revealed that the manager of Graffeo’s rooming house called police to 165 Hawthorne St. at about 8 p.m. because Graffeo was “going crazy” and “smashing everything in [his] room.” Responding officers attempted to communicate with Graffeo through the door to no avail but were able to see inside the second-story room from a ladder.

Officers observed Graffeo to be extremely agitated, sweating profusely, and bleeding. He had barricaded his door with furniture and other items. The officers were able to breach the door with firefighters’ help and enter the room, at which point Graffeo began throwing items at them.

When Graffeo ignored their orders to stop, an officer deployed a Taser. Graffeo blocked one of the prongs and the Taser had no effect. A second officer deployed a Taser, but Graffeo continued to struggle and assault the officers as they attempted to handcuff him. The first officer used a Taser again, and the officers were able to gain control of his hands.

Officers began clearing a path through the debris covering the floor and blocking the entrance into the room. At about this time, they observed Graffeo to be in distress, removed his handcuffs, and performed chest compressions. They notified the on-scene medical personnel, who performed CPR and administered Narcan before rushing him to Whidden Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “The officers made efforts to talk with Mr. Graffeo, to calm him, and to gain peaceful entry,” Conley wrote in his report. “They arranged to have medical personnel on scene.  These decisions and actions reflect a conscientious and considered response.’”

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