Police Briefs 07-30-2015


Ten Chelsea firefighters completed trench rescue training last week at the Boston Fire Academy on Moon Island. The trench rescue training was sponsored by the Metro-Boston Homeland Security Region and is part of Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Search and Rescue Unit training. This training prepares firefighters to operate safely and effectively during rescue operations of entrapped persons by using specialized equipment, emergency shoring systems and rescuer constructed retrieval systems.

“This training is beneficial to the department, especially with the numerous construction projects ongoing throughout the city” said Deputy Chief John Quatieri. “There are construction crews working in trenches all over the city, the fire department would be responsible for rescuing those workers should something go wrong.”


On Saturday July 25, shortly after 6 p.m., officers responded to corner Broadway and Parker Street and spoke to a male victim who was walking his dog. He told officers he just had an altercation with a male who was also walking a dog. Apparently, their dogs got tangled up in the leashes and it infuriated the suspect.

During the time of trying get the dogs separated, the victim stated that the male, later identified as Glen Turczyn, 45, of 64 Parker St. became irate and lifted his shirt up exposing to the victim what he believed to be a black firearm. The victim also noticed what looked like a police “walkie talkie.”

He alleges Turczyn to have stated that he was a Chelsea Police Officer and Turczyn gave the victim a made up badge number. The victim states that the subject then threated to do harm to his dog with the firearm.  Fearing for his safety, he left the area and was able to observe a partial license plate of the subject. Chelsea Dispatch Center was able to do a query of the partial plate, which led to the subject’s address.

Officers then placed Turczyn under arrest without incident.

No firearm was recovered.


Chelsea Police and federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) officials made a significant drug and weapons arrest on Wednesday, July 22, at a home on Washington Avenue.

The long-term investigation was the result of a cooperative effort and led to the arrest of one man, Roberto Jimenez.

Roberto Cristian Jimenez-Heyer, 18, of 102 Washington Ave., was charged with trafficking in cocaine and felony firearms charges.

He is being held in federal custody.


Police have filed charges against a 58 year old motorist who turned over his car on the Parkway near Webster Avenue on July 19.

There were two injuries in the crash, but non were life threatening.

The crash happened around 8:45 a.m.

David Pezzulo, 58, was charged with operating with a suspended license, failure to stop and operating an unregistered vehicle.

One Arraigned, Another in Custody, in Deaths of Two Dogs

A Swampscott man was arraigned Tuesday in Chelsea District Court in the killing of two dogs whose bodies were found behind a Revere gas station late last year, while a second man in New York has been taken into custody on a warrant issued in connection with the case.

Jason Gentry, 35, of Swampscott, was arraigned in Chelsea District Court on two counts each of malicious killing of an animal and animal cruelty.  At the request of Assistant District Attorney Vincent DeMore, Gentry’s bail was set at $1,000.

A second man, Dominick Donovan, 51, of Long Beach, New York, has been taken into custody in New York and faces arraignment at a later date.

DeMore told the court that the bodies of two dogs were discovered in a trash bag behind a Revere gas station on Nov. 22.  A necropsy performed by the Animal Rescue League of Boston determined that the dogs – one female and one male – were both approximately 20 weeks old and had been in good bodily condition when they were killed.

The dogs were determined to be Donovan Pinschers – a breed created by Donovan.During the course of their investigation, Revere Police detectives learned that at the time of their deaths, both dogs had been in Gentry’s care at the training facility he operated, Alpha Canine Performance of Lynn. Donovan arrived at the location in November to transport the animals back to New York.  In a post-Miranda interview with police, Gentry made statements indicating that on Nov. 2, the dogs were hung at the facility until they stopped breathing because each failed to meet the standards for the breed, prosecutors said.

Gentry was represented by Eric Stone.  He returns to court Sept. 3.


A new service for elderly residents called SafetyNew Service is being debuted by police.

The service helps police find and rescue people who wander and get lost in the city. SafetyNew by Lojack aims to protect residents with autism and Alzheimer’s Disease. The CPD has been trained and certified on the SafetyNet service. Officers are equipped with search and rescue equipment so they are able to locate anyone who signs up for the program and goes missing.

Lojack provides emergency support 24-hours a day.

The service uses bracelets for the wrist or ankle that emit a signal. Chelsea Police can detect the signal from the bracelet within a one-mile radius during searches.

To sign someone up, called the CPD at (617) 466-4855.

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