On A Mission

More than 300 Bostonians packed the Boston Convention Center last week to raise more than $300,000 and celebrate College Bound Dorchester and its mission of using education as a means to end systemic, urban poverty and change the neighborhood of Dorchester from within. The nonprofit’s annual gala, “I am My Future,” was led by master of ceremonies WHDH-TV’s Alberto Vasallo and familiar faces on the guest list included College Bound Dorchester CEO Mark Culliton; Mrs. Massachusetts Janelle Woods-McNish and College Bound Dorchester’s Leader of Coaching Transition and College Support, Kamau Parker from Chelsea. Current and former College Bound Dorchester students also shared their personal story of transformation success through the program. Based in Bowdoin-Geneva, College Bound Dorchester works with students, ages 14 to 27, to pass their HiSet exam, get into community colleges, earn associates degrees, find employment and earn a living wage. The goal: Dorchester youth graduating college is the norm, not the exception.

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