Council, Committee Likely to Tap Maronski

The combined City Council and School Committee was expected to tap former City Councillor Richard Maronski to serve as the next District 3 School Committee member on Wednesday night.

The vote took place after Record deadlines, but officials said Maronski was the only individual to submit at application for the seat, which was vacated earlier this year by Carlos Rodriguez.

A meeting to select Maronski was scheduled last week, but not enough School Committee members joined the Council to be able to reach a quorum in order to vote.

Wednesday’s meeting was expected to be the remedy.

Officials didn’t expect much discussion as there was no other candidates or names to consider.

The process was initiated earlier this year when Member Carlos Rodriguez disappeared without notice and didn’t attend meeting for several months. Attempts to locate him were futile, but he did surface in early May to submit a resignation letter to the Committee.

If Maronski is approved, in order to keep the seat, he would have to run this coming November as well.

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