The News Man:Chelsea Native Charlie Sherman is Anchoring NH1 News

Charlie Sherman sits at the anchor desk in NH1’s state-of-the-art television studio in Concord, New Hampshire.

Charlie Sherman sits at the anchor desk in NH1’s state-of-the-art television studio in Concord,New Hampshire.

Chelsea residents tuning in to Comcast Channel 811 weeknights are recognizing a very familiar face.

Yes, that is Charlie Sherman – Chelsea’s own Charlie Sherman – anchoring the NH1 News.

He was once the witty, personable, and yes, handsome kid who grew up on Shawmut Street, son of Allen and Louise Sherman, brother of Rhonda Sherman.

Chelsea High classmates voted “Charlie” –  everyone knew him here by his first name – their senior class president. His performance as the host of the school variety show was legendary. He would have been a You Tube sensation had there been You Tube back then.

He later married Michelle Moore, the oldest daughter in a large and prominent Chelsea family who owned Richdale’s on Central Avenue. They moved to New Hampshire where they raised their two children, Adam and Justin.

 For more than decade, Charlie Sherman was New Hampshire’s most popular television personality, anchoring sports on Channel 9.

After a ten-year break, “The Sherm” – as his legions of followers know him in the Granite State – is back on the air and things are going exceedingly well.

“I’m having a blast,” said Sherman, who anchors the 5 and 5:30 evening news on WBIN-TV’s NH1 News. “I never thought I would have the opportunity to be back in the business after being off TV for 10 years. That usually doesn’t happen, especially at my advanced years. I’ve been very fortunate to get a chance to do this.”

Sherman is grateful to Bill Binnie, owner of the television station (NH1’s state-of-the-art TV studio is located in Concord) and nine radio stations, for giving him the opportunity to return to the airwaves and work for such a well-respected and increasingly popular news operation.

“Bill Binnie has done an amazing job building a media company here in New Hampshire that nobody else has done,” said Sherman. “Bill has combined radio, television, digital, and the Web site and continues to grow all of that. What Bill has managed to do is build an entire media organization for the next generation of viewers and for the millennials who might otherwise not be interested in just TV.”

Sherman said he feels privileged to work with “a great crew of news professionals” who’ve come from different markets around the country.

“Our chief meteorologist, Joe Joyce, is very well known in the market from his days at New England Cable News and WBZ-TV,” said Sherman. “Paul Mueller has worked at the old Channel 56 in Boston but came up here most recently from Tampa. Shari Small came from Santa Barbara and Keke Vencill came from North Carolina. Paul Steinhauder was the political editor at CNN. [Meteorogolist] Jenna Abate is a phenomenal talent who bleeds Penn State (University) blue.”

As much as Charlie loves his news team and his job as anchor, there’s some love coming back his way as well.

“We’re thrilled to have Charlie as part of NH1 News,” said Lee Kinberg, executive vice president of Binnie Media. “He’s a New Hampshire institution. Everywhere we go, people know him, people love him and he’s done a lot to add credibility to NH1 News.”

He may be years removed from his humble beginnings on Shawmut Street and at the Shurtleff School but Charlie Sherman is still making news and making people pay attention.

And that bodes well for NH1 News.

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