Councillor Hatleberg Will Not Seek Re-Election

Long-time Councillor at-Large Brian Hatleberg reported this week that he will not seek another term on the Council next year.

Citing family obligations, Hatleberg said he was just being pulled in too many directions and had to make a decision to give something up.

“I’m tapped out and I am not going to be running again,” he said. “At this point, I have to be honest about what I can and cannot do. I have to be able to have balance on both sides of the equation  – with my public side and with my family side – and give a full effort with both. Something had to give.

“It’s been a great pleasure and great surprise in my career to be elected to the Council in Chelsea and to serve,” he continued. “It’s been a wonderful thing to do and I continue to enjoy doing it and will until my term is up. However, I have to realistic.”

Hatleberg and his wife, School Committee member Lisa Lineweaver, have small children and devote a great deal of time to them. He said that – and really nothing else – was the reason for his decision.

He will continue to serve until the end of 2015.

Hatleberg has been a very popular councillor over the years that he has served and has been especially adept at handling financial and budgetary issues. He has been a point person for the Clark Avenue School project most recently.

City Elections for the open seat will take place in the fall of 2015.

The news is rather fresh, though there have been rumblings for quite some time, and so no one has really made themselves known as an interested party for the open seat just yet.

Naturally, Deborah Washington could figure into such a race – as she finished just behind Hatleberg in the 2013 City Election.

Others have mentioned that Council President Matt Frank could be interested in moving up from a District Councillor spot to an at-Large spot, though he didn’t express any interest directly.

Bob Bishop – a former City Clerk – cannot be discounted and has a nice base in Prattville.

And naturally, there is always room for a political newcomer or local activist to take a shot at an open seat.

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