Ascher Appointed Honorary Chair Of ‘Walk for Living’

In a time when school and community face challenges in connecting, Chelsea High School (CHS) and the Chelsea Jewish Foundation have had no problems in bridging the gap and creating a strong partnership.

This month, Sept. 28, the Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL) on Admiral’s Hill will host it’s annual ALS & MS Walk for Living and scores of CHS students will once again be participating enthusiastically.

This according to Ilana Ascher, a history teacher at CHS, who has been appointed an Honorary Chair of the event.

Kiss 108 radio personality Matt Siegel will be the the host of the 6th annual signature event.

Ascher said this week that her students really enjoy participating in the walk and they began getting involved a few years ago with the InterACT Club – which is affiliated with the Rotary Club.

“Our students really do love the walk,” she said, noting that they hope to have 100 students participate. “The Center really does a great job of including its residents in the event. A lot of times the kids here do a walk and don’t connect with the reason or the people they are walking for. This walk is different because our kids have been able to tour the ALS center and meet the residents who they’re walking for.”

LFCL resident Steve Saling – a die-hard spokesman for the Center – has even come to talk to the kids at CHS and give his personal story and how he has overcome incredible odds.

As part of the Board, Ascher and two appointed student have been meeting with the rest of the walk coordinators all summer to fine-tune the details. It’s just one of many things the CHS students and the Center have collaborated on, though.

“The ALS Center really wants the kids to be a part of it during the walk and even during the rest of the year,” said Ascher. “There truly is a partnership that has formed between the ALS Center and CHS. This event is particularly good because it is short, quick and inspirational. The kids can feel good about what they’re doing and do something good right here in Chelsea.”

Ascher has taught at CHS for 10 years and spent two years in Chelsea middle schools. Prior to that, she taught in Miami, FL. She lives in Chelsea with her husband, whose family goes way back in the city.

His grandmother worked in the old Minsky’s Chicken Butcher Shop and attended the old Chelsea High School.

The ALS & MS Walk for Living will take place on Sept. 28 on Admiral’s Hill. For more details, call (617) 409-8973 or go online to

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