A Tremendous Celebration for the All-America City

Chelsea residents couldn’t recall a more festive and enjoyable celebration than the one that took place Tuesday night at Mary O’Malley Park as people came together for National Night Out and to recognize the city’s All-America Award designation.

For the delegation, led by City Manager Jay Ash, that made the trip to Denver, it was an opportunity to reunite and remember one of the most memorable accomplishments in the city’s history.

Looking back at the All-America Award experience, it’s almost like a dream that our city could win such a prestigious award and become the only city in New England to take home the coveted prize.

Of course, Jay Ash’s superior leadership in this endeavor was vital to its successful planning and execution. It was so fitting that Molly Baldwin, leader of the national model that is ROCA, presented a special plaque – depicting the front page of the All-America Award edition of The Chelsea Record – to Jay Ash at Tuesday night’s ceremony.

For Jay Ash has been making front-page news for quite some time as city manager for all the developments and positive changes that have happened in Chelsea during his tenure.

The entire state delegation, State Sen. Sal DiDomenico, and State Reps. Dan Ryan and Roselee Vincent, were on hand to congratulate Chelsea on its All-America Award.

Tuesday’s gathering of more than 1,000 Chelsea residents was an extraordinary event enjoyed by everyone.

The Chelsea Police Department, notably Sammy Mojica, deserves credit for their contribution to the National Night out observance at this event.

With events such as these in our city and our All-America Award in tow, there is so much to be proud of and so much to look forward to with Jay Ash leading our city to even loftier heights in the future.

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