Congratulations, Roca and CEO Molly Baldwin on the Launch of Pay for Success (PFS) Initiative

It was a most impressive event Wednesday as Governor Deval Patrick came to Roca headquarters in Chelsea to announce the launch of the Pay for Success (PFS) initiative, which will help at-risk young men in the probation system and leaving the juvenile justice system.

It was so heartwarming to hear the success stories that Roca founder and CEO Molly Baldwin has made happen as the leader of this outstanding organization that has become a national model in its continuing mission of helping disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty.

Governor Patrick has been an outstanding leader in establishing and supporting programs that help high-risk youths set the foundation in choosing better paths for their future. The Governor joined other speakers at the event in praising the work of Molly Baldwin and affirming their faith in her efforts to help a greater number of young people in the future.

Molly Baldwin no doubt had a dream when she started Roca that she could build the organization to the point where hundreds of young people would benefit greatly from her diligence, creativity,  organizational skills, and leadership. Molly Baldwin and her staff have worked hard to encourage and inspire these young people to travel a better path in life. It is not an easy job but Molly Baldwin took on the challenge and has succeeded, to the benefit of all.

We congratulate Molly Baldwin on the the start of this well-intentioned $27 million, seven-year program and wish her and Roca continued success in its work not only in Chelsea and Springfield, but throughout the Commonwealth.

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