Second Storm Breeds Icy Conditions

The official snow count in Chelsea for Tuesday’s snowstorm was around 6.5 inches – and a good deal of that accumulation was quickly removed from the City’s roads and streets, something that cannot be said for state highways and byways.

At the height of the storm on Tuesday, most streets in Chelsea and especially major thoroughfares had been cleared and were passable. That wasn’t exactly the case for several state highways, including Rt. 1 and Rt. 1A. Near Logan Airport, jackknifed semi-trucks and spinning automobiles clogged up the highway and made it a virtual free-for-all, while northbound traffic sat at a standstill due to smaller cars struggling to climb moderate hills.

City Manager Jay Ash said Chelsea and Boston turned in some of the better plowing jobs in the region, and he said Chelsea’s results were a matter of good timing.

“We were pleased with our attack of the snow storm on Tuesday,” said Ash.  “Sometimes, the best of plans can go awry, especially dealing with winter storms. We timed it right and our sanding and plowing operators did a great job during the storm.”

With warmer weather on the horizon (Saturday is pegged at hitting about 55 degrees), Ash said they are expecting a considerable amount of the snow from the Sunday and Tuesday storms to melt away.

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