Frank Gets Verbal Nod for Council Presidency

Ten councillors gave verbal pledges to Councillor Matt Frank for his Council President run on Monday night at a subcommittee meeting.

The meeting was designed to elect new officers, but the pledges are non-binding and could, theoretically, change. However, it doesn’t appear that will be the case.

Frank voted present, which is customary for the candidate, but received unanimous support from his colleagues. The official vote for president and vice president will take place on Jan. 6 after the inauguration ceremony.

“I am going to begin working on subcommittee assignments and prepare to take the reins on Jan. 6,” Frank said after the meeting.

He will take over for Council President Dan Cortell, who served as president for the past year. The term of office is one year.

Meanwhile, all 10 councillors also supported Clifford Cunningham for vice president. Councillor Chris Cataldo got 10 pledges to be the School Committee delegate.

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