Tsarnaev: Fireworks and Burgers on Admiral’s Hill?

It has largely been reported over the last week – first in the New York Times – that one month before the Marathon Bombing, suspect Dhokhar Tsarnaev showed up at an old friend’s house in Admiral’s Hill, culminating the unannounced visit with a firework’s show on the hills of the quiet waterfront development.

Junes Umanov, a resident of Admiral’s Hill and a long-time friend of the Tsarnaev family, has told numerous media outlets over the last several days that on March 15th, Dhokhar came to visit him.

He said that Tsarnaev – who he has known since 2004 – dropped by on March 15th with a friend.

The three young men proceeded to Five Guys restaurant in the Mystic Mall and apparently made small talk about college life while eating burgers.

Afterward, Tsarnaev produced a load of fireworks and they decided to shoot them off on Admiral’s Hill.

He said they shot off pinwheels, Roman candles and other July 4th staples.

After the fireworks were exhausted, Tsarnaev and his friend left.

The importance of Umanov’s story is that investigators found that the older Tsarnaev brother, Tamarlan, bought fireworks in New Hampshire about that same time and may have tried to make a bomb from the powder in those fireworks.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said that the Police Department did not get any complaints of fireworks being shot off during that time period on Admiral’s Hill.

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