Fuel Assistance Program Benefits Must Continue

We have admired the outstanding work that Bob Repucci, executive director of Community Action Programs Intercity (CAPIC) has done for so many years on behalf of low-income residents in Revere and the neighboring communities of Chelsea and Winthrop.

In a story in the Journal this week, Mr. Repucci expresses his concerns that the state and federal government has slashed its benefit for heating oil to households by approximately $460.

It is somehow very disturbing that in this day and age and in  America that people will actually be living in the cold.  We look at the fiscal cliff that the Republicans and Democrats are heading towards and deciding how much of a tax break to give to the wealthiest Americans while people throughout the nation in communities like Revere are heading toward a cold home for the coming winter.  The most vulnerable in our society are at risk.  When will our federal officials get it.

We join Mr. Repucci in his calling upon federal officials to increase the grants to people in the fuel assistance program so they don’t have to be without heating oil and live in a cold home. Our Congress must recognize the importance of this issue and as Mr. Repucci states, “We can’t let them forget about people who are cold.”

With projections for a much colder winter season this year, it is imperative that we keep fuel assistance programs operating and helping our residents in need. Heating oil is increasing in price and we ask our Congress to help our residents deal with what could be a very long and cold winter.

Bob Repucci has been a tireless advocate for our residents and we’re sure he will stay on top of this important issue and do whatever he can to help people through the winter months..

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