High Honors for Margo Johnson

Margo Johnson

Margo Johnson, administrative assistant for the adolescent and pediatric unit at MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center, is one of the city’s true unsung heroes.

You can see her imprint and contribution to such community wide events as Family Literacy Day at the Chelsea Public Library, the Summer Safety and Bike Event, and the Chelsea Network Health Fair.

There’s also her continuing association with the Zonta Club of Chelsea, whose work in donating scholarships for local students is just one of the women’s club’s exemplary endeavors.

Recognition is coming Johnson’s way – at last. She received the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center’s “Shining Star Award” and a Chelsea Clock at a June 15 awards day.

As MGH Chelsea HealthCare administrative director Jeannette McWilliams told the gathering, “If it weren’t for Margo, the health center’s community events initiative would not happen.”

But while Johnson has taken pride in being an employee and goodwill ambassador for MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center for the last 20 years, she also celebrated a personal milestone on June 3: her acceptance of a Master’s in Management degree with a concentration in HealthCare from Cambridge College. She graduated with honors.

“It’s never too late to continue your education  – I couldn’t do this when I was younger,” said the 70-year-old Johnson. “It took me five years to complete the degree program. The college has an agreement with Mass General for people who work in a full-time position like I do – so that we can schedule our classes on nights and weekends.”

Johnson said she has always had a zest for expanding her knowledge of medical and health care issues. “I take every kind of class or training that MGH offers. I have taken courses at Newbury, Bunker Hill, Suffolk, and Salem State. I believe you can never have too much education or training.”

Johnson was hesitant to tell people about her latest achievement in education, but finally relented when her two adult children told her that people would be inspired her initiative and drive.

“They’re proud of me,” she said.

As are the people of Chelsea who know what Margo Johnson has given back to this city.

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