Senator Kerry, Drug Czar Meet with ROCA, Leaders

The war against drugs moved its forum to Chelsea earlier this week with a visit to the ROCA facility on Park Street by Massachusetts senior Senator John Kerry and President Obama’s Director of Office of Drug Control Policy Gil Kerlikowske.

Both men appeared before a large crowd of younger people and local officials and ROCA leaders, primarily among them, Molly Baldwin, to discuss the current initiatives underway in the war against drugs.

The tour of the ROCA facility and the Chelsea stop in general was a tour de force for Kerry and the President’s top drug control policy director.

The war on drugs is alive and well at ROCA everyday where the combined effort of all its dedicated employees and members is to keep young people focused and drug free with something to do with their lives.

What Senator Kerry and Director Kerlikowske witnessed at ROCA was an average day in the life of an institution dedicated to helping people and to stemming drug use as well as picking up a lot of the pieces for many young people when they decide to straighten out.

No one does better or with more energy and understanding than what ROCA does for young people heading in the wrong direction.

We trust and we hope that Senator Kerry and Director Kerlikowske enjoyed their stop at ROCA earlier this week.

It was a notable visit by very important people to one of the most important agencies in this city on the front line in the war against drug use.

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