FBI Coming to Chelsea City Manager Ash Insists

Rumors appearing to establish that the FBI is not moving into Chelsea are just that – rumors, according to Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash.

“A long and very expensive lease has been entered into by the General Services Administration for the FBI. I don’t believe the GSA could reasonably get out of that lease nor would they want to, according to what I know about the project,” said Ash.

The expected six story, 200,000 square foot building housing offices, laboratories and 200 employees should cost about $100 million to build and furnish when all is said an done.

Emerald Corporate Center, LLC, a division of ACS Development in Chelsea, will be the developers of the property.

ACS is owned and operated by the well-known and highly respected local development firm owned by the Simboli Family.

“There was an appeal when ACS originally won but that appeal has been rejected,” said Ash.

“I have every expectation that we will have a groundbreaking sometime this year,” he added.

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