The Chelsea Housing Authority, Again

One of the advantages of the recently ended receivership at the Chelsea Housing Authority (CHA) is that whatever favoritism existed in the system before has been expunged.

The salary of the executive director is fair. The new CHA board is smart and aggressive, assertive, even and this will bode well compared to the old board which was bought and paid for and who did Mike McLaughlin’s dirty bidding.

That, residents can be assured, will never happen again in this city.

Recent difficulties reported at the Medford Housing Authority show that housing authorities, like human beings, are fragile and prone to defaulting on their role, which is supposed to be pristine.

But as we have found, not very much in this modern world of us works the way it is supposed to.

In the case of the CHA, we believe the ship has been righted. Its course is true and by and large, everyone is today doing the right thing together and frankly, this is what leadership there should be all about.

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