The Receiver’s Final Report

The Chelsea Housing Authority’s former temporary receiver Judith Weber has officially filed her final report to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

In it, she details everything having to do with the CHA that is of importance.

For all our complaints about how expensive Ms. Weber turned out to be given the full scope of the problem – which was former executive director Mike McLaughlin’s greed and avarice more than anything else – she did an honest, thorough, competent overview and examination of the CHA.

We are all heartened by her findings and grateful for her fairness and for her assessment of the authority, which put it in a much better light than anyone expected after McLaughlin’s fall.

Weber, in her message to the SJC said this: “I would like to thank the entire staff, particularly the leadership team of the Chelsea Housing Authority, for their steadfast commitment to changing or improving key elements of the CHA’s operations in quick order.”

She also gave praise to the city’s stakeholders …”who have assisted the CHA during this period including the City of Chelsea, its many municipal departments … as well as the residents and tenants whose patience, understanding and good will made it possible to keep moving forward.”

Thank you, Ms. Weber.

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