The New Chelsea Street Bridge is Something to Behold

The new Chelsea Street Bridge, which will shortly be opening with great fanfare, is an extraordinary structure that literally redefines how all of us view bridges that cross smaller rivers and creeks in the local area.

At more than $20 million to build, the new bridge represents an engineering and architectural triumph especially if we consider what it is replacing.

The mass of it is impressive. In every way, it is an eye catcher.

Mainly, though, it is a problem solver for larger ocean going fuel tankers coming down the Chelsea River, which will now pass through a wider opening through bridgeworks that is unbelievable in every way.

The new bridge employs modern technology as no other bridge in Greater Boston. The giant center span that rises up so high will be a work of perfection to watch once it is officially operating again.

Final touches such as traffic lights, and entryway traffic and logistical systems are now being finished.

It is estimated the bridge should be operational by June.

When that day finally arrives, the two-year wait will have been well worth the inconvenience.

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