Grande Opening Leaves a Latte to Be Desired; Starbuck’s Will Locate in Chelsea

Chelsea residents might have to brush up on their hipster coffeehouse lingo, but they won’t have to drive far to do it as Starbuck’s Coffee has announced that it will be opening up a store in the Mystic Mall.

There was no timeline for the opening, but it is expected to locate near the Radio Shack and the new Children’s Place before the summer.

Starbuck’s has typically stayed true to locating in busy downtown areas or in far-flung suburbs, noticeably shying away from urban areas like Chelsea – though the one exception is their mini-stores located inside Target. So far, though, there haven’t been many detached stores located in areas like Chelsea.

With that, City leaders were very excited about the news, and especially those who have been overseeing the rebirth of the Everett Avenue corridor.

City Manager Jay Ash said though it was just one business in a large and so-far successful strip mall, it was reason to pause.

“That shopping center is already unbelievably successful and Starbucks will add to the cache that it has,” said Ash. “Many in Chelsea have been longing for the day that they could pick up their cup of Grande Mocha Frappuccino locally. I’m pleased that day is nearing and more pleased that this is yet another confirmation from a national company that can and is doing business all over the world that Chelsea is the right place for their next investment.”

Starbuck’s spokespersons were not immediately available for comment on the new store.

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