CHA Receiver Submits Her Second Invoice

Chelsea Housing Authority (CHA) Receiver Judith Weber has submitted her second invoice to the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) – this time for just more than $16,000 for one month’s work – but indicated that her fees were standard and reasonable.

Weber took some minor flack last month after submitting a bill to the SJC that totalled $22,894 for her work in December – a large request according to some for an agency that had just ousted its former executive director for excessive pay.

This month, Weber’s bill totals $16,211 at the same rate of $165 per hour.

For her two months of work overseeing the rebuild of the CHA, Weber has billed the state for just under $40,000.

She has submitted payment for 251 hours of work in those two months.

However, in this month’s bill, Weber clarified to the court that her fees were reasonable and they were the same fees she charges all of her other clients.

“The Temporary Receiver’s hourly rate of $165 per hour is her usual and customary rate which she charges to clients, including other municipalities, housing authorities, non-profit organizations and government/quasi-government agencies,” she wrote. “The Temporary Receiver submits that her fees, expenses and hourly rate are reasonable.”

Documents within the monthly report indicate that the SJC must agree, as they have paid her invoices without question.

In other CHA reorganization news:

•Philip Boyle, a well-respected employment attorney from the firm of Morgan, Brown & Joy, has been hired to work directly with the CHA to implement the organizational redesign.

•The CHA has implemented a direct deposit plan for paying landlord housing assistance programs.

•State investigators continue to investigate the records and past happenings at the CHA and the Authority has remained cooperative and responsive.

•The CHA has begun to hold seminars and presentations for residents, including forums on health.

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