Chelsea Remains a Part of Capuano’s District


U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano will keep Chelsea in his district, which will now be the 7th Congressional District under the new redistricting plan released this week by the Massachusetts House’s Special Joint Committee on Redistrict­ing.

Capuano will pick up the working class city of Everett, Milton and Randolph but lose the North End, parts of Jamaica Plain and half of Cambridge—three Capuano strongholds.

“I did not want to lose an inch of my district,” admitted Capuano during a phone inter­view Monday. “But I under­stand why this has to be done. I would have gladly added the new cities and towns to my district but would have liked to retain North Jamaica Plain and Cambridge.”

Capuano will take over Ever­ett from Congressman Ed Mar­key but said it’s a place similar to Chelsea, Somerville, and East Boston so it makes a lot of sense that would be moved into the 7th Congressional.

“I know Everett very well and have a lot of good friends there,” said Capuano. “It’s a working class city with a di­verse population like Chelsea and Somerville so I look for­ward to working there on many of the same issues residents in other parts of my district face.”

There were some rumors floating that Capuano might lose Chelsea to Markey or gain Revere and Winthrop. In the end he said he was glad the neighborhood remained in his district.

“We have done a lot of work in Chelsea with, federally fund­ed construction projects like the new bypass road and Chelsea Street Bridge so I’m glad the city remains in the district,” he said.

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