Murphy Announces Candidacy for District 1 Councillor

Paul murphy

Paul Murphy, a well-known and respected Chelsea resident all his life who lives on Fremont Avenue, has officially announced his candidacy for the hotly contested Ward 1 contest.

Mr. Murphy, 32, is a court officer for the Massachusetts Trial Court. He is admired throughout the ward as a hardworking, honest, and well-spoken member of the Prattville neighborhood.

His father, Kevin Murphy, is the longtime highly respected Clerk-Magistrate of the Chelsea District Court.

Paul Murphy’s grandfather, the late Andrew P. Murphy was a major voice in Chelsea city politics in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Like his grandfather before him, Paul Murphy seeks to serve the city that he is so proud to live in and to call his home.

Paul Murphy is also the cousin of another very popular former Chelsea political force Frank Zecha.

All the Murphys and Zecha represented the neighborhoods now considered District 1.

“Public serving is a calling I am prepared to take on not as a duty but as a responsibility. The people of this ward whom  I know so well deserve fulltime, first class, representation from someone who understands the district – and given my family history, I can say with pride that I know this district intimately,” Murphy told the Chelsea Record.

“I humbly announce my campaign for councilor. My family has called Chelsea its home for generations and have often been the voice of the people at city hall. I love my city and desire nothing more than to improve the quality of life for my fellow citizens,” he added.

Murphy said he was going to mount a vigorous campaign and that he looked forward to meeting as many District 1 residents and business owners as possible. He said that nothing was more important to him than hearing the concerns and recommendations of his neighbors.

Murphy is a St. Rose Elementary School graduate and he also graduated from the Northeast Regional Vocational School in 1997. He is now employed with the trial court as an officer.

He is also a member of the Chelsea Yacht Club, Cary Square Associates and N.A.G.E. Local 254.

He and his wife Erin live in Prattville. His mother is the well known realtor Virginia Murphy.

“My wife and I are among a long line of Murphy’s calling Chelsea home. I respectfully ask the voters of District 1 for their support in the coming election,” Murphy said.

He is facing incumbent councilor Kathleen Bishop, the daughter of Robert Bishop, the city’s Chief Procurement Officer and Robert Borden, a well known Garfield Avenue resident.

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