Election Year Shaping Up with Numerous Races

Several races are giving some zest to the upcoming election in November.

According to records on file with the Chelsea City Clerk’s office, candidates have until August 25 to submit their nomination papers and to have them certified if they are planning to have their names on the ballot.

To date, the councilor at large race appears to have attracted the greatest deal of attention.

Six candidates in all, including two present councilors at large have had their signatures and nominations certified by the city clerk.

There are some big surprises here for those following the exploits of local politicians in this city.

Councillor at Large Leo Robinson is running for re-election.

Brian Hatleberg, the longtime councilor, is running at large.

So too, is former city clerk Robert Bishop.

School Committeewoman Deborah Washington is running at large.

Also, Councillor Calvin Brown is going for an at-large seat.

Altogether, six candidates are seeking three positions at-large – with one opening, that of at-large councilor Roseann Bongiovanni, who is declining to run after many years of service.

Robinson’s re-election effort finds him all over the city much of the time. He is perhaps the most visible and accessible of the at-large candidates.

Hatleberg’s entrance in the at-large signifies his effort to seek a broader view of the goings on throughout the city.

Hatleberg is a bit of a policy wonk and someone who has strong opinions on what direction the city should be heading.

Generally, that is the impetus behind councilors going for at-large positions – expressing the broader view.

Bishop, the former city clerk, was also an alderman for many years before receivership. He is now serving as the chief of procurement.

Bishop’s run is not inconsistent with his nearly lifelong involvement in politics. He is definitely someone who wants to have his say and to have his vote count on important matters.

Washington has been a popular school committeewoman. Her citywide desire is also consistent with her commitment to have a say in the city government.

Brown – Calvin is a very popular, well known, loquacious extrovert Chelsea politician who strives to do the right thing.

Bongiovanni has just become a mother and is apparently stepping down to give more time to her child.

District 8

Longtime Chelsea resident and former school committeeman John O’Brien has tossed his hat into the ring.

He will be facing incumbent Attorney Dan Cortell for the right to represent the Admiral’s Hill District which washes over to the Ward 2 outposts running to the Meridian Street Bridge and westerly onto lower Beacham Street.

O’Brien is well known on the Hill – as is Cortell.

However, Cortell has forged a name for himself as hard working and right on the mark regarding the issues of the day. He and City Manager Jay Ash have a close working relationship.

District 1

Three candidates are running for this position – Paul Murphy, incumbent Kathleen Bishop, and Robert Borden.

Bishop would appear to have an edge in this race which is largely about name recognition and proven track records.

District 6

Incumbent Jimmy Dwyer is facing Giovanni Recupero in a race which could prove interesting.

Dwyer is like an old faithful at this point in his life.

Recurpero is the upstart trying to get a foothold in political life.

Both are solid people and good candidates from decent families.

Dwyer definitely has the edge with name recognition.

District 3

Richard Maronski is the incumbent in this race.

Matt Frank is his opponent, although Frank has served as a councilor in the past.

Maronski has done a capable and effective job as a city councilor.

Frank will be attempting to come back inside at city hall.

This should be a hard fought contest as both men really want the position.

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