T.j. Maxx Opening Sunday at Mall

All is set to go for Sunday’s highly anticipated opening of the new T.J. Maxx store in the Demoulas Mall.

The grand opening for Chelsea’s T.J. Maxx store is Sunday, March 27 at 8 a.m.

The doors will open to the brand new store in the Demoulas’s Mall.

The retailing giant is offering stunning savings to shoppers on Oepning Day.

Young men’s graphic t-shirt are $9.99 compared with $20 elsewhere. Girls’s top and bottom sets are $12.99 – $14.99 compared with prices of $24-$30 at other stores. Ladies dresses $19.99 compared with $34 at other stores.

Nearly 100 jobs have been created with the addition of this new store to the T.J. Maxx corporate family.

City Manager Jay Ash said he was excited that the new store was set to open.

“T.J. Maxx coming to Chelsea is a very welcomed addition to our business family and helps to strengthen the exciting rebirth of the Mystic Mall property.  I’ve been hearing for years since Bradlees closed that local residents wanted a local place to shop for all of their clothing needs.  We couldn’t ask for a better place than to provide for those needs than T.J. Maxx,” he said.

Aside from Home Depot and the Marketbasket, T.J. Maxx is among the major retailers operating in this city.

And it all begins Sunday morning.

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