The Marriott is on Its Way

The Marriott Hotel Corporation is going to locate a Residence Inn in Chelsea.

They filed papers at city hall last week of their intent – which turns out to be a rather ironic moment for the worldwide firm noted for its higher end accommodations and for its professionalism in the industry.

This is a far cry from Marriott’s near complete rejection of Chelsea as a suitable place to build one of its hotels here in 1997.

That was then.

This is now.

The city that could not accommodate a Marriott Hotel in 1997 is about to accommodate a Marriott Hotel.

Why the change?

Because Chelsea’s image has totally changed during the past decade.

Chelsea has, over the years, become a great place to do business.

City hall is business friendly. The business community has grown dramatically here during the past decade.

The reputation of the city has allowed its stature to be so improved that businesses we never believed would locate here are eager to do so.

It is a great place to locate a hotel.

The Marriott people have come to know this – and so they sought Chelsea out.

Its proximity to everything about Boston makes this place valuable as a marketplace and in this instance, as the accommodation spot for businesspeople and travelers needing a room when they come to Boston.

The Residence Inn will be a popular and busy lodging place once it is up and running.

It took nearly 12 years of persuasion to bring Marriott into the fold in Chelsea.

We take our hats off to City Manager Jay Ash and to the city government and to everyone in the offices at city hall who contributed to this victory.

It was a long time coming.

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