Snowstorm Met With Organized Response Throughout City

The dumping of snow the region experienced Sunday and Monday caused a short term paralysis citywide.

Chelsea received a 18” covering of wind driven snow, with some heavy drifting for the full term of the storm from 3 p.m. Sunday to 4 p.m. Monday.

However, with a full force of snow removal and salting trucks making constant rounds as the storm went on, nearly all the city’s main arteries and side streets were entirely passable by Monday morning.

The city spread 300 tons of salt in 24 hours, according to Foti.

Also, because of the city’s rigidly enforced towing policy, plow drivers could more easily remove snow from many of the city’s streets.

A relatively small number of automobiles were towed – 26 in all – 25% less than the usual number.

City officials said this was due to the reverse 911 notification that went out to 9,800 residents in 10 minutes at a cost of $5,000. In addition, the city’s other emergency systems, flashing lights and police notifications at the street level, raised the level of awareness.

When all was said and done, the city spent almost $28,000 for snow removal and salting, according to Joseph Foti, the city’s Director of Public Works.

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