CND-Police Partnership Honored with National Award

Chelsea Neighborhood Developers, the City of Chelsea, and the Chelsea Police Department recently received the first prize of $25,000 in the MetLife Foundation’s national Award for Community Police Partnerships. The award recognized the groups’ collaboration for redeveloping the Box District in Chelsea, and for our stabilization and organizing efforts in the adjacent North Bellingham Hill neighborhood.

“Collaboration between community-based groups and police departments can reduce crime, stimulate housing and other development, and improve quality of life in low-income neighborhoods, “ said Dennis White, president and CEO of MetLife Foundation. “The partnership between Chelsea Neighborhood Developers and the Chelsea Police Department is an exemplary model for groups nationwide facing similar challenges and opportunities. We are pleased to join LISC in recognizing and sharing their impressive work.”

The resident volunteers who make this work possible with their commitment to partner with police for safe streets will be there to celebrate the award along with City Manager Jay Ash, Chief of Police Brian Kyes, local city councilors and CND staff on Friday, November 12.

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