DeLeo and the Governor mend fences

Since the failure of the expanded gaming bill went down about two months ago, many people in and out of politics claimed that the governor and the speaker were at odds – in fact that there was a terribly personal rift between the two.

It certainly looked that way with the speaker drawing a line in the sand and refusing to budge when the governor made it clear he would not sign the expanded gaming bill if it included slots for the state’s failing racing tracks.

However, in recent weeks, in private conversations and in public, the speaker has made it crystal clear. “The governor and I are good friends. He has done a lot for me and we had a great legislative session. I am 100% with the governor in his re-election bid – and all of us should be with him,” DeLeo said Saturday at the Bagel Bin on Shirley Avenue in Revere during a Patrick campaign stop.

“We’ve worked together for pension reform, job creation, health care, and ethics. He’s been there for me and I am there for him,” he added.

DeLeo received an ovation from the crowd at the Revere deli on Saturday when he arrived. It would appear his popularity in Revere has never been greater. It was the same for the governor – and both democrats exulted in the good feeling flowing inside the deli.

Later on, the governor said he was pleased to have the speaker’s support – and more than that – that he knew that DeLeo’s support is real. “I don’t think the speaker could fake the speech he made inside the Bagel Bin. It was as real as his support for me and I thank him for it,” said the governor.

Whatever rift existed appears to have coalesced into a true measure of support. “We all have to work hard for the governor to be re-elected. It is important,” the speaker said.

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