What to do?

The double homicide on Chester Avenue last week has struck a nerve in many quarters of this tightly knit city.

The dead men, it has been pointed out, aren’t simply statistics, they were fathers and sons, brothers and husbands.

They loved their lives and they did not want to die.

Their tragic deaths at the hands of a gunman who has been arrested have still not been explained, and so this remains a seemingly senseless tragedy.

Any way the double homicide is painted, it has terrified a large part of the local population.

Young people willing to slaughter other young people on a whim with illegal guns need to be taken out of the population.

All of our lives are imperfect.

Not everyone has a clean slate.

But when two young men are literally executed by gunmen in their apartment, it is high time for everyone to take notice and to do something so this type of event does not take place again.

To do anything less is to let it happen again.

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