Happy birthday

The Chelsea Provident Cooperative Bank is celebrating its 125th Anniversary – a great accomplishment, given how businesses come and go in the modern world.

The bank is the oldest in this city and is very likely one of the oldest businesses in the city at the point.

As old as the bank is, it is a thoroughly modern banking institution.

It is a safe place to keep your money.

More importantly, it is a friendly place to meet your banking needs.

It is a solid banking institution where personal attention and the personal touch are what the bank is all about

Led by its president Joseph Vinard, the bank has come full force into the 21st Century.

Vinard has spent the greater part of his professional adult life growing the bank, protecting the bank, expanding the services, modernizing the infrastructure as well as bringing the bank head on into the electronic world growing all around us.

Whether working at the bank or being a depositor, the Chelsea Provident Cooperative has always stood for integrity and honesty, good business practice and banking acumen.

Many of us grew up with an account at the bank and put money into a growth account every week at the bank.

Some of us did this for 21 years – and then took the money out to pay for college.

The Provident Cooperative’s mission remains simple.

It is a bank that believes in its depositors.

It is a bank that does not see by race, color or gender.

It is a good place, celebrating a grand anniversary.

Our best to the Provident Cooperative on its 125th Anniversary.

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