Congressman Capuano at his very best

The city owes Congressman Mike Capuano a debt of gratitude for his concerted effort to bring quite a bit of Federal money into the city allowing for, among other things, the recent purchase and payment of a $470,000 fire engine.

Congressman Capuano continues to show his care and interest in the well being of Chelsea with actions.

He remains a strong and constant presence in Washington for this city.

He remains a good friend, accessible to all of us and always unafraid to say exactly what he is thinking.

Not all of us agree with Iron Mike all the time.

Just the same, he is a solid, smart, independent voice in the Congress who wants very much to change the institution where he serves in order to bring into being what is so badly needed for this nation to come out of the recession and out of the fog we’re in as well.

The nation needs drastic change.

Congressman Capuano is a powerful voice for the change that is needed.

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