Heat wave hits region; Chelsea prepared

Chelsea City Hall issued an advisory to residents concerning the sizzling heat wave that has settled in over New England for the past three days.

City officials are urging all residents, especially elderly residents to properly hydrate themselves and to remain in a cool place for as long as possible until the severe heat dissipates.

Forecasters are apparently calling for a reduction in the searing heat on Thursday.

City hall officials also urged residents to limit outdoor activities, including heavy physical labor.

Elderly who feel overwhelmed by the heat are urged to call the Health Department or the Chelsea Senior Center.

Additionally, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool on Carter Street will be adding extra hours of operation throughout the heat wave, according to Department of Conservation and Recreation officials.

The pool was open until 8 p.m. Tuesday evening.

It was open until 7 p.m. Wednesday – and is expected to be open later into the early evening until the heat wave cracks.

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