Wind is the future

Every time I pass the sight of the big wind turbine on the Forbes property I am pleased it is there.

I wish there were hundreds of giant turbines like that one everywhere, generating clean, efficient energy all the time and causing us to use less foreign oil – which is draining this nation of its wealth.

The sole wind turbine at Forbes is the future.

We are staring at the future when that turbine is spinning and electricity is being produced.

The recent enactment of legislation allowing for a wind turbine farm to be located about five miles off shore in Cape Cod Sound is another instance of the future finally arriving.

Instead of welcoming the future, many Cape Codders are resisting it.

Instead of embracing new technologies for clean and efficient energy production, there has been the quite predictable outcry from those who are opposed that wind turbines might ruin the ocean view for Cape Codders and for all of us who love the ocean.

I believe energy produced by the wind is the future.

The Cape Cod experiment will be very costly to build and at first, there are no real savings except for all the local jobs that are produced and construction contracts given out and new revenue streams brought into play.

However, when that energy farm is paid for in 10 or 15 years and those giant blades are spinning and producing something like 850 megawatts of electricity a year, we will be well on our way to energy independence – but only if many other energy farms powered by the wind are constructed wherever it is proven that a constant breeze is blowing on most of the days of the year.

If this were replicated nationwide, we would be done with our dependence on foreign oil and the Middle Eastern Arab dictators who own it and who are enriching themselves with it.

In this instance, that is, in the instance of producing electricity with the wind, those opposed to these ventures offer nothing to remove us from our addiction to foreign oil imports.

Stopping wind farms is a slap in the face to the future – which is here.

If the United States retooled itself into a coast to coast wind farm, oil would fall to $20 a barrel, the economy would be booming, and the future would be bright.

Maintaining our dependence on imported oil is the surest way to guarantee our nation’s ultimate bankruptcy.

1 comment for “Wind is the future

  1. Gordon Otis
    May 16, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    While I agree with the need for energy independence, your article greatly understates the high cost of “green” energy sources. Cape Wind recently signed a contract to sell power to National Grid at over 20 cents per KWH. That is more than twice the cost of power generated from conventional sources such as natural gas or coal fired power plants. The contract also calls for this already high price to increase at 5% per year for the 15 year life of the contract. If we are forced to live with these high costs our country will loose millions of industrial jobs to locations with lower energy costs and and private home owners will see massive electric cost increases.

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